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Jul 31, 2014
Bespoke Bliss - Angeleno Magazine


Quintessentially, a worldwide elite membership-only concierge service that services 60 cities around the world, is your devoted servant. Launched in London in 2000 by a trio of exceptionally well-connected people including Ben Elliot the nephew of Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the company has grown so large it now makes roughly 6,000 dinner reservations around the planet daily and has exclusive partnerships with high-end brands like The Peninsula hotel group and Ferrari. And now they’ve landed big time in LA, working out of new offices in an airy, modern industrial design headquarters on Sunset Plaza. Here some 30 employees, many of them ex hotel concierges, ex PR folks and others blessed with thick rolodexes and a lot of favors in the bank, scurry about making dreams—or more mundane things like getting a last-minute table at Nobu on a Saturday night—come true for a few hundred LA clients of the likes of Coldplay, Madonna, and Google honcho Eric Schmidt. “We will cap membership at 5,000 so we can properly service everyone,” says LA’s Membership Manager, Rebecca Posfor.


A $500 joining fee plus $5,000 annual subscription buys a dedicated membership with an assigned LA-based account manager to service your whims while $40,000 buys worldwide access to elite manager who can swing pretty much anything anywhere from getting, say, getting into the closed Vatican for a private tour to arranging a wedding in Maui for 200 within ten days.  And if all that adventuring makes you homesick, you can even do what one hungry member did recently and fly 20 In N’ Out Burgers to his vacation. “Until now we treated LA as a destination city for our worldwide members,” says Quintessentially co-founder Aaron Simpson, who recently relocated here to expand the business. “LA was considered a niche market because our potential clients were already so sell-connected. But it’s surprising how few even the biggest celebrities know once they leave LA. We’ve found a big demand for our services here.” They’re also about to open new offices in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

We're sold.


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