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Sep 17, 2007
Chris Buckley: Give me 10 Finn Joneses and I could rule the world! - ForbesLife
From the Editor's Desk
Style File
Christopher Buckley

Some years ago, a writer with the intriguing name of Finn-Olaf Jones wrote to us, saying that he would like to contribute to the magazine. Executive Editor Patrick Cooke, who has a hound's nose for this sort of thing, announced that it was obviously a nom de plume of some gin-stained wretch seeking to hide money from an ex-wife or the IRS.

In fact, it turned out to be the real name of a wonderfully talented young man of American (Jones) and Danish (Finn-Olaf) parentage. He is as exotic as his name suggests. He speaks three languages, attended the prestigious INSEAD business school in France, has worked at a major movie studio and in his spare time likes to climb mountains that people routinely fall off to their deaths. Patrick is frequently seen walking our hallways reading one of Finn's latest dispatches, muttering, "Give me ten Finn Joneses and I could rule the world!" And Patrick is a tough grader.

This being our Style and Design issue, Finn set out to interview the world's premier architect, Frank Gehry. Mr. Gehry, being the world's premier architect, is a busy man. When Finn inquired at his office if he might be available, he was politely told that Mr. Gehry was not doing interviews at the moment. Finn, being Finn, simply showed up at Mr. Gehry's house in Santa Monica and turned on the charm. How could anyone say no to such brass?

Mr. Gehry nicely said that he would give Finn "15 minutes" of his time. Finn left two hours later, with a wonderful story about the man who is transforming cities with his amazing--and playful--visions.

There's a lot more in this Style and Design issue of ForbesLife: Todd Pitock's splendid piece on the greening of golf courses, a round-the-world solar airplane, fashion, even a Q&A with film director, vintner and resort developer Francis Ford Coppola.

And I'm running out of space. This being an issue about style, the page probably shouldn't look too cluttered.


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