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Jul 01, 1999
Climbing Mont Blanc - Adventure Travel
I  met Gary and Hamish on the bus from Geneva to Chamonix. They had eyed my climbing gear and I had eyed the row of Scottish peaks tattooed to Gary's forearm and we decided to join forces for a climb up Mont Blanc.  More ...
Jan 07, 1999
Longs Peak; America's Matterhon - Adventure Travel
A full moon lit up the fresh snow between the thick pines allowing me to save on the batteries in the flashlight I’d taped to my wool hat (somewhere out there, forgotten in some drawer in my home, lies an expensive, state-of-the art headlamp that has yet to be used).  More ...
Jan 04, 1999
Mount Roraima: Journey to the Lost World - Adventure Travel
After the half day bus ride through the Brazilian jungle on a long pile of rocks that some hard-butted engineer called a "road," after passing through five interminably thorough military checkpoints, after a spine-crushing Landrover  ride through rough savannah and raging streams, and after a two-day hike through a series of steep hills and rivers which were forded by nosing your worldly goods in an inflated plastic bag through chest-high water , Martin, the diminutive Pemón Indian guide whom I had hired in the thatched village fifteen miles behind me told me that, no, he would not take me up Mount Roraima unless I doubled the fee we'd already agreed upon.  More ...